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Expert Witness Reports

As professional etate aents in Bridgend and Neath Port Talot, we accept appointments as expert witnesses where cases are before the courts, tribunals and arbitrators. We may be appointed as an expert witness by one of the parties or as a joint expert witness appointed by both parties.


We are experienced in all types of residential matters, for example:

  • Where too high a valuation has been set on a property, which could lead to a dispute.
  • Matrimonial valuations where a couple are undergoing divorce settlement and there is a property sale involved
  • Building defects disputes


Reports from an expert witness are intended to assist the court in matters of which the witness has expertise. They must comply with the Civil Procedure Rules.


The report must be the independent and unbiased product of the surveyor, and fall within his expertise, experience and knowledge. A well drafted, unbiased expert witness report often helps the parties to reach agreement and settle a dispute without the need for a court or tribunal hearing.


Fees are calculated by either an agreed fixed fee or a rate per hour of time expended. If attendance at court is required, further fees will be charged at an agreed rate.


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