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Is your house sale at risk of collapse



98% of traditional estate agents now say that the home buying process is more likely to collapse when online agents are involved.  


Helen John, Sales Director explains: “In common with many other agents, we are being increasingly forced to step in to ensure that chains don’t collapse where sellers have chosen online firms. 


“People often don’t realise that the most skilled and critical phase of the home buying and selling process is sales progression. It’s no secret that online agents who are paid upfront and not reliant on a sale completing to get paid have little motivation or incentive to support their clients.


“The progression of a sale is what we get paid to do. Finding potential buyers is the easy bit. The real work starts once a sale is agreed. We know that as soon as one of the links in the chain is not informed or keeping us informed, the chain is vulnerable. We have to step in to try and support the whole process or run the risk of the chain collapsing. A good estate agent will stand by you every step of the way and earn their money; pay up front and you’ll soon be forgotten about.”


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By PJC Homes on March 12th, 2018