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Meet Lindri


What did you do before pursuing your career with PJC?


Before joining PJC I previously worked in admin, retail and hospitality. My previous job was as Assistant Manager in the housekeeping department at a hotel in Swansea. I also briefly freelanced in graphic design after I graduated university and as much as I loved designing and being creative, I realised it wasn’t something I wanted to do as a career.


 What do you love most about what you do?

I enjoy going out and doing the video tours and getting creative with the editing side.


Tell us a surprising or fun fact about you.

Nothing surprising or fun but I do have a fascination with true crime shows/books.


If you could have any superpower in the world…, what would it be?

Teleportation! It is much more useful than other superpowers. Life would be so much easier. I love visiting places but hate the travel aspect so with the power of teleportation I could just click my fingers and be there instantly. Would save me a lot more time and get more time to explore!


What’s the highlight of your career with PJC or your favourite moment?

I do the admin so for me getting a sale from my first ever viewing I conducted felt awesome. Quite proud of myself for that.



Do you have any children/pets?

No children, but I do have a mischievous cat called Luna, that I insist on taking photos of (she hates me for it) and showing them to anyone and everyone (but don’t be fooled by her stunning eyes, she is evil) and a tortoise called Sherman.


What are your hobbies outside of work? 

I love rock music and enjoy going to concerts whenever I can.


What is the best thing about working in this branch?

I’d have to say the team. Everyone in the office are just amazing, I love being part of the PJC Port Talbot gang. We’ve become really close not only in work but we also enjoy socialising outside of work too.


Do you have a party trick?

I can make cake disappear 😉


What’s your favourite food?


Chinese or Italian.


What do you like about working in this area?


It’s where I grew up and still live.


What is your favourite office biscuit?


Can’t go wrong with a shortbread. YUM!


Lindri is based in our Port Talbot branch and is on hand to help with any property enquiries you may have.


By PJC Homes on January 31st, 2024