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Our ‘Rent On Time’ service saves the day with Landlord Donna Morgan


“If my house was mortgaged, I could have lost everything” Payton Jewell Caines Landlord Donna Morgan, is thankful she saved thousands in court fees with our ‘Rent On Time’ service.


We understand that as a landlord, collecting rent and dealing with rent arrears can be most stressful and very time consuming for you.


(Hazel, Director. Donna Morgan, Landlord. Lucy, Rentals Negotiator)


Continuation of non-payment of rent can also lead to substantial legal and eviction costs. At Payton Jewell Caines, we offer our landlords a unique service that can protect you from all the hassle and safeguards our landlords with legal costs. It’s not just that… We make sure our landlords have their rent, on the same day, without fail – regardless of whether the tenant has paid or not.


Our ‘Rent On Time’ service has demonstrated to be a huge success with one of our landlords Donna Morgan, from Swansea. Donna has rented her properties with PJC for a number of years and opted into our ‘Rent On Time’ scheme four years ago. “Having this service not only benefits me as a landlord, but it also gives me peace of mind that I won’t have to worry about non-rental payments. As Payton Jewell Caines are the only local estate agent to offer this service, it was a no brainer to let them take the stress away for just a little fee”, Donna explained.



(Lucy, Donna and Hazel)


This year, Donna saw one of her tenants fall on hard times. Unfortunately, the tenant, who had passed the relevant credit checks before the tenancy started, had lost his job. Falling too far behind on rent payments we were sad to see the case escalated to court to obtain an eviction notice. Donna was still receiving her ‘Rent On Time’ as she is covered by our unique offering. She was also very fortunate that the service also covered the court costs.


This could have cost thousands in court fees but also could have cost the landlord the entire house. If the house was mortgaged, and the landlord hadn’t had her rent guaranteed, the landlord may have struggled to keep up with the payments and in this particular case, Donna would have been £4,500 out of pocket.


“As I have other mortgages, I may have struggled to keep up with the payments on this property, and I could have lost the house altogether. I am extremely grateful for this service and can’t thank PJC rentals enough”


Our landlords also benefit from other services PJC offer. Our online repair portal is widely popular with tenants and landlords. If a tenant has an issue in their property, they simply log onto our portal and can upload images and videos of the issues. This is sent immediately to PJC and the landlord and gives us an opportunity to identify and diagnose the problems without even visiting the property. We can then make the relevant repair arrangements to resolve the issue and prevent further damage. If you’re a landlord and want more information on our unique, Rent On Time service, please call us on 01639 891268 to speak to one of our rental experts.


By PJC Homes on September 1st, 2019