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Rent Smart Wales – How it impacts you


Welsh Government Housing Minister Lesley Griffiths AM has announced Rent Smart Wales.


All private landlords will be required to register with the scheme and they will also have to register their properties.


It will aim to prevent rogue landlords and agents from letting and managing properties while raising awareness of the respective rights and responsibilities of landlords, agents and tenants.


If a landlord wishes to manage the properties themselves, they must demonstrate they are fit and proper to hold a licence and then they must undertake and pass approved training.


Landlords and agents have one year to comply with their new legal obligations before facing legal action. Cardiff Council will serve as the licensing authority for Rent Smart Wales and will do the work for every local authority area in Wales.


The Licensing Authority will work with local authorities to carry out their functions under the Act. Local authorities for each area may lead enforcement action against those landlords and agents not complying with their legal obligations on behalf of the Licensing Authority.


Sara Hawkins, Area Rentals Manager for Payton Jewell Caines explains: “Rent Smart Wales applies to everyone who rents out a property in Wales. All private landlords and agents will be subject to the new scheme and it is hoped that the changes will prevent rogue, and even criminal landlords and agents from being involved in the management and letting of properties.”


“All landlords will need to register their properties and if self-managing they need to become licensed. For licensing they must pass an accreditation course and pass a fit and proper person test. The alternative, and perhaps safest option, is to work with a qualified rental agent to manage the property.”


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By PJC Homes on November 23rd, 2015