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Lets with Pets

As letting agents in Bridgend and Neath Port Talbot, Payton Jewell Caines is a supporter of Lets with Pets.


As one of the leading local estate agents in Bridgend and Neath Port Talbot,  we are continually looking at ways to improve the service we offer our clients. A number of the tenants, who come to us to help them find a home, ask if the landlord would consider pets. For many landlords the answer is a straight NO but a more considered answer might be called for, as accepting a tenant who has a pet can make good business sense.

Many landlords do not consider the financial benefits of allowing pets in their properties and that by adopting a pet-friendly policy you can increase your rental income.


It’s estimated that almost half of the population currently own a pet and that almost 5 million people live in privately rented accommodation in the UK.


Opening your property up to tenants with pets will maximise its rental potential. By excluding pet owners you will be missing out on a huge chunk of the rental market.


By accepting tenants with pets you can:

  • Increase demand for your property – With so few properties on the market that actively accept tenants with pets, straight away your property will be in high demand. Pet-friendly properties are much sought after and won’t be vacant for long.
  • Encourage tenants to stay for longer – Pet owners know how difficult it is to find rented accommodation that allows pets so they are more likely to stay longer than tenants with no pets.
  • Attract responsible tenants  – Responsible pet owners often make the most responsible tenants. The lack of rented accommodation for pet owners also means that tenants will be less likely to do anything to jeopardise their tenancy.