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Renting Homes (Wales) Act postponed until December 2022

The Welsh Government has announced a postponement to the implementation of the Act until 1 December 2022, which was originally set to come into force on 15 July 2022.

The Renting Homes Act (2016) will make changes to the duties required of landlords in Wales, increasing eviction notice periods and introducing some minimum housing standards.

Representing the biggest change to housing law in Wales for decades, the Act intends to increase protections for tenants and contract-holders by introducing new guidance.

However climate change minister Julie James, who is responsible for housing, today issued a statement to say implementation of the act will be delayed a further five months and won’t now come into force until December 1.

The assembly minister said: “I have over recent months received representations from landlords, and particularly social landlords, who have requested that implementation of the Act be delayed.”

“In the light of the unprecedented pressures they (landlords) face, including Covid recovery and supporting those who are fleeing the war in Ukraine, I have decided to postpone implementation of the Act until 1st December 2022.  This will allow more time for landlords to complete the necessary preparations ahead of implementation.”

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By PJC Homes on May 31st, 2022