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The Christmas Countdown is on


The Christmas Countdown is on… 


If you’re thinking of making a move this side of Christmas then the decisions you make now could have a big influence on where you eat your Christmas lunch!


The prospect of selling your home can be daunting – all the more so if you are looking for another property to buy at the same time. 


Follow our step-by-step guide to selling and you’ll soon have a new home for this year’s Christmas tree.



1.            Find the finance

Your first task is to get your property professionally valued. At Payton Jewell Caines, we offer a FREE no obligation valuation so contact us today to make an appointment.

Once you know the real value of your property then you need to determine your mortgage balance and find out if there are any early redemption penalties.



2.            Select an estate agent

Compare local estate agents based on how quicklythey sell, how close they come to achieving asking price, their traditional and online marketing and how successful they are. You then need to agree a feewith the estate agent. Don’t be fooled by the false promises of an online agent – it will cost you time and money in the long run.



3.            Agree the asking price

Take the advice of your estate agent. Aiming too high could see your property still for sale in six months time.  Remember that buyers will probably try to negotiate a discount.



4.            Prepare your home

First impressions count. De-clutter, fix any outstanding jobs and have a good spring clean. You’ll sell your property quicker and help maximise the value.



5.             Appoint a solicitor

A local solicitor is always best. Agree fees and make sure they understand the  timescales that you are working towards.



6.             Accept an offer

Your estate agent is legally obliged to communicate all offers; even if it seems ridiculously low. Work with your estate agent to negotiate the right price before you formally accept. Remember that accepting an offer is not legally binding until you exchange contracts.



 7.            Complete the legals

Work with your solicitor and your estate agent to agree the length of time between exchange and completion (usually 7-28 days after the exchange of contracts). You also need to determine what fixtures and fittings will be included before exchanging contracts. It is at this point that you become legally committed to the sale.



8.             Completion

You can move out whenever you like but you must have vacated the property by 12 noon on the day of completion (unless agreed otherwise). Your solicitor will notify you when the money has been transferred. They will register the transfer of ownership with the Land Registry and they will also pay off any outstanding mortgage for you.



9.             Relax…

Sit back and enjoy the festive period!


By PJC Homes on August 12th, 2017